Art is a Journey

I consider myself an old soul. I like old things - historic architecture, vintage photos, clothes from the 40's, music standards...and the majority of my paintings have centered around nostalgia, whether it's an old barn or cottage that evokes a feeling of a simpler time. I will always continue to paint this subject matter - it's a part of me. I've been exploring new techniques in painting lately, and although this work is more abstract, I find myself using techniques that create a weathered appearance to my art. I'm taking colors, shapes and landscapes and creating layers that I scrape with a palette knife and then sand, to reveal the many layers of colors I have applied underneath (like layers of paint on an old wall that peek through here and there). This form of art is contemporary, but to me, still has that sense of timelessness. What's next? Perhaps marrying this technique with my barn structures. An artist is always evolving - the journey is half the fun.

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